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12GB Kit (4GBX3) Upgrade For A Apple Mac Pro (4-CORE Xeon 3500 Series) System (DDR3 PC3-8500, Ecc, )

12GB Kit 4GBX3 Upgrade For A Apple Mac5 Star Rating
12GB Kit 4GBX3 Upgrade For A Apple Mac
Increase Your Computer's Over-all Performance With A 12GB Kit 4GBX3 Upgrade For A Apple Mac By Crucial Technology

Improve that pc with the 12GB Kit 4GBX3 Upgrade For A Apple Mac - a great RAM memory by Crucial Technology. One of the several best attributes for this memory is the ddr3 pc3-8500 unbuffered, ecc, ddr3-1066, 1. 5v, 512meg x 72. Other features include things like ddr3-1066 and 240-pin dimm, add to cart by clicking on the weblink below.

upgrade apple xeon series system memory

Price: $164.99


Bad memory can lead to anything from annoying error messages to total system failures. You might expect memory this very good to cost a lot more, but you'd be wrong. Crucial memory goes through a lot more rigorous testing procedures than several other brands of memory. That's why Crucial thoroughly tests EVERY module they sell and put their name only on the ones that meet their strict standards. Some don't have first-class assembly procedures, and some even use chips that failed to meet computer manufacturer's stringent testing requirements. In fact, because Crucial is truly a division of Micron, on the list of world's biggest DRAM manufacturers, chances are excellent that you have their memory in your system right now. While the"other guys"might claim to manufacture memory, they really just assemble modules out of chips created by someone else. As a web-based memory upgrade provider selling straight from the manufacturer, Crucial memory is often available at lower costs than lower-quality modules. Why danger it with cheap"mystery"memory? Some memory assemblers decide on to accept a particular"defect rate"since it's cheaper to deal with returns than to test each part they sell. That may possibly help their bottom line, but it's sure a pain in the neck if you're amongst the customers who ends up using a poor module. When you buy memory from Crucial, you're buying the exact same high-quality memory that leading computer producers install in the systems they sell.


  • Install it yourself in about 15 minutes. The same top-quality memory that the worlds largest computer manufacturers install in the systems they sell
  • The only brand of memory upgrade available directly from a DRAM manufacturer, tested to meet the most stringent industry specifications
  • DDR3-1066
  • DDR3 PC3-8500 Unbuffered, ECC, DDR3-1066, 1. 5V, 512Meg x 72
  • 240-pin DIMM
  • Units: 1

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